Alexander I. - Baron Scabbard & Back Harness

I ordered a scabbard for an Albion Baron equipped with a back harness/sling. Upon initial inspection, the scabbard almost glowed from the rich Oxblood dye that was used, just giving it an incredible look.

This immediately had the feel of a one-of-a-kind piece, and I simply ran out of adjectives to describe it. ‘Beautiful’ doesn't even begin to cut it. The look, the feel, the intricate quality, down to the ornate etchings on the harness buckles and the knight chape... gave this piece the value of a museum exhibit. Christian truly is an artist, and there's no one else I'd recommend for those who can appreciate hard attention to detail and well-made quality that is borderline nonexistent today. Well done, ser."

To say the least, I am very happy with this. Thank you again, and I will let you know if I ever have any questions about this item, or possibly inquiring about another piece :).

Thank you!

© Christian Fletcher 2016