Don D. - Laird & Scabbard

Just wanted to drop a huge thank you to both of you for the beautiful addition to my collection.  When I brought the package in my first thought was this is too light for the sword and scabbard!  Upon opening I was treated with the marvelous work you both have accomplished.  The Laird is a joy to hold and handles with grace and quickness.   The scabbard and belt are wonderful in their workmanship and detail, I could not be happier.

Alexander I. - Baron Scabbard & Back Harness

I ordered a scabbard for an Albion Baron equipped with a back harness/sling. Upon initial inspection, the scabbard almost glowed from the rich Oxblood dye that was used, just giving it an incredible look.

This immediately had the feel of a one-of-a-kind piece, and I simply ran out of adjectives to describe it. ‘Beautiful’ doesn't even begin to cut it. The look, the feel, the intricate quality, down to the ornate etchings on the harness buckles and the knight chape... gave this piece the value of a museum exhibit. Christian truly is an artist, and there's no one else I'd recommend for those who can appreciate hard attention to detail and well-made quality that is borderline nonexistent today. Well done, ser."

To say the least, I am very happy with this. Thank you again, and I will let you know if I ever have any questions about this item, or possibly inquiring about another piece :).

Thank you!

Peter W. - Effigy Style Sovereign, Scabbard & Belt

I received this kit today...what can I say besides WOW....totally exceeded my expectations.......beautiful work or art...thank you Christian for another fantastic piece of art.

Phillip M. - Cutting with the Borderwatch

Wade M. - Shieldmaiden

Hello Christian,

      Just wanted to let you know that the "Shield Maiden" that I ordered from you arrived today in perfect condition.

      It is one beautiful sword, excellent in every way ! It is fitting for a Norse Jarl "or" King, and definitely something I will always treasure. I am very pleased, wishing for you to know that it has been a true pleasure to do business with you. Hope to do more in the future. Thank you !

Rex M. - Chevalier Scabbard

IMG 20150612 134621


Here is the scabbard with the Chevalier inserted. It's a firm fit, but not too tight. That's exactly what I would have hoped for and expected. It not only looks great, it hangs well. Not that I expect to be carrying it around campus, y'know. It's really a work of beauty and practicality.

We have to admire our medieval ancestors for the ingenious way they solved the problem of carrying a sword, but also to the present-day artisans who can recreate the pieces with such grace. This was a work not only of the hands, but of research, and love.

Now my problem is to decide how best to display it! Nice problem to have.

Thanks again.

Andrei F. - Constable Scabbard

Constable Scabbard

Hi Christian,

I received the scabbard. What can I say... it's beautiful! It fits my Constable sword well. Also, I'd like to take back my earlier comment that I didn't like the too uniform colour of the scabbard (I said it after looking at the low resolution photo that you sent me). I have to say, that, when holding the scabbard, the colour distribution is actually perfect! It's uniform enough but not too uniform either: It has a wonderful texture (I refer to colour not to the surface roughness) - lots of fine details.
I am completely and 100% satisfied with absolutely everything about this scabbard. Thank you very much!!!

E. Davies - Svante Scabbard

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Your work on this scabbard is beyond perfection. The way the two styles integrate creates a synergy of design that elevates this sword from an heirloom collectors item to a functional piece of history.

I am honored to have been able to commission your talents.

© Christian Fletcher 2016