High Sovereign (Oakeshott Type XIV) $1,960

High Sovereign Scabbard $1,416

High Sovereign Belt $1,362


A broad blade that tapers to a sharp point, a short grip and a bold and broad cross guard makes swords of type XIV easily recognized in art from around 1275-1340. They are as a rule compact and powerful swords, usually with noble lines. 

The Sovereign has an accentuating flaring of the width at the base of the blade and carries an unique set of double fullers. Fullers like these are effective in reducing weight, while retaining a high stiffness on thin and wide blades. 

Because of its relative shortness, this sword is quick and responsive with a pleasant blade presence inviting both short chopping cuts, sweeping blows and precise thrusts. 

The steel cross is wide with crisply sculpted bevels and a slight cusp in the middle. The deep pommel of bronze is of the wheel type with a recess in the central boss (the pommel is also available in steel). Affixed in this is either a pair of investment cast silver quatrefoil disks or a pair of lapis cabochons in silver settings. 

The investment cast bronze fittings on the scabbard and belt can be ornamented with a selection of Fleur de Lis, Quatrefoil and Scallop Shell designs.

Please specify either a bronze or steel pommel.

Total length: 34.25" (87 cm) 
Blade length: 27.75" (71 cm) 
Blade width: 3" (7.4 cm)
CoG: 4" (10 cm)
CoP: 17.65" (44.8 cm)
Weight: 2 lbs 11 0z (1.22 kg

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