Starting at $495

My scabbards are custom fitted to each sword.  You may need to send your sword to my shop for fitting if it’s not a model I commonly handle or if aspects of it’s design require special consideration when fitting the scabbard.

Pricing starts at $495 for a wood cored, leather covered scabbard.  The oak tanned leather cover is hand dyed in one of my standard color options. I highly recommend you add a chape to reinforce the scabbard tip. You can also further customize your scabbard with additional design details and accessories.

Step 1:  Add a basic scabbard to your cart and select the leather color. 

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If you want further customizations, proceed with these next steps:

Step 2 (Optional):  Add a chape.

Thistle Chape

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Step 3 (Optional):  Add an embossed design.

IMG 1962 - Version 2

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Embossed Designs - Series 1
Embossed Designs - Series 2

Step 4 (Optional):  Add scabbard detailing


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Step 5 (Optional):  Add a sword belt.

IMG 0003

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