The Kern

Limited Edition Medieval Irish Sword
(Oakeshott Type XIX  $1,320

The largest component of medieval Irish armies were the Kern (ceitherne or ceitheirn -- 'a warband'). Sometimes composed of displaced nobility and other times commoners in search of loot, these were mercenary forces that saw action in many conflicts across the British Isles.

Our Kern displays a distinctly Irish form of hilt, with its ring pommel and slightly "S" curved ornate bowtie guard.

Oakeshott describes the Type XIX as a broad flat blade that has clearly chamfered edges that run nearly parallel, a fuller that runs through the upper third, and a flat ricasso section at the base of the blade. The blade is of hexagonal cross-section 

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 100 collectible swords worldwide. 

Overall length: 40" (101.6 cm) 
Blade length: 33.75" (85.73 cm) 
Blade width: 1.48" (3.76 cm) 
CoG: 7" (17.78 cm) 
CoP: 23" (43.82 cm) 
Weight: 1 lbs 14.5 oz (0.865 kilos)

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