The Crecy

Limited Edition Medieval War Sword
(Oakeshott Type XVIa)  $880

Crecy was one of the most decisive battles of the 100 Years War. After the battle of Sluys, Edward III landed in Normandy in July 1346 with about 10,000 men. The French pursued. Edward III decided to halt near Crecy in Normandy and to prepare for battle the next day. 

However, the French vanguard made contact and started to attack without the benefit of a plan. The French made as many as 15 attacks and the English checked each one in turn, primarily thanks to the English longbowmen. In the end, the French were decimated and the English had a decisive victory. 

The Crecy is one type of sword that would have seen service on both sides during the 100 Years War.

Oakeshott describes the Type XVIa as having a long, tapering blade, broad at the hilt, with a sharp, often reinforced, point.

The Crecy is a fine example of a later period epee de guerre, or war sword, a refinement of the earlier XIIa in response to changes in the armour of the period.

A Limited Edition Hand Crafted Collectible Sword
This sword is offered in a limited edition of only 500 collectible swords worldwide. 

Overall length: 44.75" (113.7 cm)
Blade length: 35.625" (90 cm)
Blade width: 2" (5 cm)
CoB: 4" (10.16 cm)
CoP: 21.5" (54.61 cm)
Weight: 3 lbs 1 oz (1.39 kilos)

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